The QT-Trainer Kayak Simulator


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The QT-Trainer Kayak Simulator

  • Our unique kayak exercise machine expedites core and total body conditioning, while simultaneously teaches correct kayaking technique.
  • This efficient, impact-free, cross-workout product’s benefits extend throughout the body – toes to head; doesn’t build bulk, but tightens and tones
  • The ‘QT’ perfectly compliments ellipticals, treadmills, walking, hiking, and bicycling.
  • The adjustable OmniGear Resistance System, working in conjunction with our TransCatch Drive Train, scales up smooth, controlled, ergonomic workouts; with no strings attached!
  • Variable resistance tensioning points control the workload in all dimensional planes.


QT-Full 02Teaches Kayaking Correctly

  • Guides the correct kayaking stroke form; hand height, shaft angle, body positioning.
  • Set paddle shaft at shoulder height forces the user to paddle correctly.
  • Correct Torso Rotation.
  • Correct Forward Strokes.
  • Correct Reverse Strokes.
  • Correct Draw Strokes.
  • Correct Sweep Strokes.


QT-Full 05

Compact, Portable, Quiet-in-Use, and Affordable

  • Perfect for Physical Therapy; seating close to the floor promotes safe use.
  • Allows close proximity of instructor/therapist; huge advantage for trainers and pupils.
  • Quiet: user can exercise without disturbing others; perfect for watching television.
  • Amazing space savings: 20 ft2 perimeter footprint; occupies minimum space during use.
  • T-Paddle unit releases and clips into chassis for storage.
  • Stores vertically in room, closet, or car trunk; ideal for gym/fitness classes (6 ft2).
  • Two wheels under chassis; …pick it up and roll it to the corner.



Typical Morning Daily Workout

  • Loosening the Core Warm-up.
    • Torso Forward-and-Backs (50 each).
    • Paddle Side-to-Sides (50 each).
    • Torso Rollers (50 each).
    • Torso Sweeps (50 each).
  • Kayak Paddling Workout.
    • Draw Strokes (50 each side).
    • Correct Forward Strokes (100 each side).
    • Correct Reverse Strokes (50 each side).

QT-Ball 02

OmniGear Resistance System

  • The OmniGear Resistance System is a stand alone product in it’s own right
  • It has applications in other areas, such as rowing simulators.
  • Spheres are almost exponentially efficient for braking applications.
  • The braking torque of a sphere scales up proportionately to the CUBE of the ball radius.
  • The ‘QT’ provides a substantial workout just from the dynamic/isotonic movements alone.
  • Even tiny adjustments of pressure to the ball, affected by turning the knurl ring, add significant resistance
  • No need for flailing ropes and loud fans.
  • At the full resistance setting most users would be very challenged.



Trans-Catch Drive Train

  • The TransCatch Drive Train converts the power of the stroke from the horizontal shaft and into the vertical drive shaft.
  • Positive double wedges lock into negative double wedges to gives the effect of “The Catch Point”; same as a paddle blade would enter the water in a kayak.
  • Resistance tensioning adjustments control paddle shaft rotation.
  • Supports forward, reverse, and side strokes; as well as complex core body motions.
  • Determines the exact natural feather of paddle blades.



QT-Full 02

Fully Adjustable Ergonomic Engineering

  • Adjustable settings accommodate user heights from short to tall.
  • The Footrest and OmniBall base are adjustable forwards and backwards
  • The Seat also is adjustable forwards and backwards, as well as up/down, and tilting fore/aft.
  • Height adjustment on vertical shaft sets paddle at optimum elevation.
  • Rugged fabrication by computer-aided manufacturing processes (CNC milling processes / vacuum thermoforming / High Impact Polystyrene, ABS, PVC).



QT-Ball 05

List of Major Components

  • Base Chassis.
  • Adjustable Foot Rest Assembly.
  • Adjustable Seat Assembly.
  • Adjustable OmniBall Resistance System Base Assembly.
  • Vertical Drive Shaft.
  • Trans-Catch Drive Train.
  • Horizontal Paddle Shaft.
  • Adjustable Mini Paddle Blades.


QT-Ball 00

Future Versions Features and Benefits

  • Ruggedized Model for Gym, School, and Healthcare Facility Therapy Users.



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