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Company & Vision

MyStroke Technology designs, manufactures, and distributes new, patent pending, sport and fitness equipment. Our products will be demonstrated for the fast-growing paddle sports community, that in in the USA comprised 29 million enthusiasts in 2013. Overseas markets are even larger, especially Europe where kayaking culture is rich with tradition. Asia has more than 50 million dragon boat competitors, all of whom are looking to improve.

MyStroke K2W 1MBMission Statement

Designing and delivering specialized kinematic devices that empower attainment of extraordinary achievement. Our mission is to make these devices available to all participants, worldwide, whatever their discipline, to help them before, after, and while they’re working to achieve their goals.

The MyStroke Technology Backstory

Danny Broadhurst, Long Island, New York, is a life-long a competitive world-class paddle-sports athlete. His illustrious career in kayaking includes competing, designing, and coaching in multiple disciplines (surfing, slalom, marathon, sprint) at the highest level. He is a renowned designer of leading edge kayaks and equipment for racing, fitness, surfing, as well as sit-on-tops for general recreation. One morning in 2000 Danny woke up feeling particularly bad; …perhaps with the flu; …so he headed off to the local clinic for antiviral drugs or an injection. However, after waking up in the Emergency Room his physician assured Danny that: “we do not give people having HEART ATTACKS flu shots!”

After recovering from the shock, denial, the ICU, and then the rehab, Danny determined to adjust course with his diet and exercise regimen. He resolved that it was imperative to revive his world-class training regimen. As if often the case, this unwelcome life event marked the beginning of many fruitful adventures to follow. The Long Island South Shore (like all northern climes of the US, Europe and Asia) can be a brutal place for midwinter training in a kayak. Many days are just too cold, blustery, tempestuous, or ice-choked for paddling. So, urgently needing his exercise, Danny did what any discerning world-class boat designer would do; …he revisited some of his old sketches and revived his interest in ‘indoor paddling machines’. 

After experimenting with all sorts strange creations he ultimately invented and built an exercise simulator that would duplicate most of the ergonomic movements of kayaking. Then he was able to do proper workouts, indoors on the Q.T., right through the winter, regardless of weather. After several years, dozens of technical iterations and innovations, and 2,000 hours of indoor workouts and revisions later, it occurred to Danny: “I am really onto something here. The development is proving out to be totally functional and I can feel the differences in my fitness and stroke correctness!“ Thus “The MyStroke Project” began.

In 2010 entrepreneur Joe Vinson, old customer and friend of Danny, joined “The Project”. Joe is the owner and president of Innovative Spectator Products, the parent Comapany of Kayak and  RACEceiver   that makes auto racing communications products . With Joe’s manufacturing contacts they began the industrial process to productize Danny’s kayak simulator. Mechanical components were re-engineered using computer-aided drafting (CAD) automation. By early in 2012 all of the principal design elements were falling into place and they had a working prototype constructed with 3D printed parts. 


Our Products

MyStroke Technology products are designed and ready for manufacturing and  patents have been filed. Product delivery will begin in 2015. Pricing will be exceedingly attractive. 

QTrainer Logo

The QT-Trainer Kayak Simulator

Our unique kayak exercise machine expedites core and total body conditioning, while simultaneously teaches correct kayaking technique. The adjustable OmniBall Resistance System, working in conjunction with our TransCatch Drive Train, scales up smooth, controlled, ergonomic workouts; with no strings attached! Variable tension points control the workload in all dimensional planes. This efficient, impact-free, cross-workout product’s benefits extend throughout the body – toes to head; …and ‘The QT’ perfectly compliments gym bikes, ellipticals, treadmills, walking, hiking, and bicycling. It’s amazingly compact, ultra-lightweight, portable, quiet-in-use, and affordable.

These MyStroke Technology products will be demonstrated initially for the paddle sports community, which comprises more than 20 million enthusiasts in the USA alone. The products will apply to all aspects/disciplines of paddle sport (Kayak, Canoe, SUP). 


Skilled and Highly Committed Leadership

We are dedicated, lifetime enthusiasts, with deep interest in and commitment to paddle-sports; with extensive connections, and stellar business reputations. Our customers are our friends.


Joe Vinson – Chief Executive Officer

Joe Vinson is Co-Owner and President of and sole owner of RACEceiver an auto racing communications Company.  Joe’s product streamlined auto racing and safety, with 80% of the racetracks in the United States requiring drivers to use RACEceivers for communications with the tower. Most of his family is involved in kayaking in one way or another and he competes in several kayak races each year. His love of kayaking inspired him to partner with his Son-in- law and daughter to form Kayak, a online classified websites for types of boats. 


Danny Broadhurst – Chief  Technology Officer

Danny Broadhurst’s illustrious career in paddle-sports includes competing and coaching in multiple disciplines at the highest level. A renowned designer of kayaks and equipment for racing and recreation, Danny was one of the founders of surf kayaking, and he is credited with inventing sit-on-top kayaks.


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Kinematic Devices for Extraordinary Achievement

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